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We Prepare Legal Documents

Our paralegals have been helping individuals and business organizations with legal document preparation since 2000. We can help you create court and legal documents of the following types wherever legal document preparation is permitted by law.

  • Small Claims – jurisdictional amounts vary from state to state. Small claims are usually limited to complaints for up to $10,000.00 or less. We can prepare bank levies and wage garnishments to enforce your rights.
  • Civil Law – We can prepare complaints, answers, bank levies, wage garnishments, basic agreements, research, letters to insurance companies or banks. We have drafted hundreds of them and know the formats and magic words most frequently required to ask for and get what you want.
  • Real Estate – deeds transferring property to another person or entity, power of attorney documents. We have prepared grant deeds, quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds, trustee’s deeds and interspousal deeds. We can prepare and file lis pendens and mechanic’s liens.
  • Family Law – Need a divorce started? Need to file a response to a paternity action? We know the forms, and can prepare documents for you that are ready to file with the Court.
  • Notices and Letters – Need to write a demand letter to an insurance company? Demand coverage on a casualty loss? Write a letter demanding payment on a debt? We have written hundreds, and maintain a library of appropriate letter forms. We write letters using the tone you want, from polite to aggressive (always within the bounds of the law).
  • Unlawful Detainer (“UD”) and Evictions – Need to evict a disruptive or non-paying tenant? Need to fight back against a don’t-give-a-damn landlord? We have just the letter forms, and just the court forms to accomplish what you want done, working always at your specific direction.
  • Bankruptcy – The U.S. bankruptcy courts specifically provide authorization for non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparers to help consumers prepare a bankruptcy petition. If you decide bankruptcy is the right step, we have court-approved instructions for what to do first, and form documents to prepare and file at your direction. Stop those
  • Wills and trusts – Simple wills and property trusts can be prepared to avoid probate proceedings after a property owner dies. Real estate can be transferred into a trust that enjoys certain tax shelters. A family’s largest and most valuable asset is a house. Make sure your property is protected, and goes where you want it to when you pass.
  • Probate – we can help prepare lawsuits, notices, letters, and assist with the probate process.

Consultation and prices: At no cost to you, we can arrange a consultation to explain all your needs. Prices for our services in the above-listed areas depend on the scope of what you need prepared, and the amount of time required, plus the complexity of your matter or issue. We guarantee fair pricing and fast completion by our 23 years of experience with legal document preparation.

Do you have a legal matter you have been putting off because you thought an attorney would charge a big fee? Or because you thought it would be too hard to prepare the documents yourself?

Contact us to start solving your legal problem.

When you use Services Unlimited Int'l LLC. as your document preparation service, you will find the judicial system can make a faster decision with all the information formatted perfectly, looking just as the Court expects. Make it easy to get what you want from the Court!

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